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    Monday, April 8th, 2013
    10:21 pm
    What are Pearly Penile Papules?
    Pearly penile papules are small bumps that ring at the rim of the penis head. They are actually small in size, skin colored or a little lighter and have a dome shape. The more interesting thing is that, they also occur in organized rows. They are not harmful but there may be some possible sensitive infection that may be uncomfortable during the sex or any other activity. In fact, these bumps are much common, mostly in men in their age of twenties and thirties. Most men also report a high occurrence of the papules. It is usually possible that they will occur and disappear on their own. However, they are harmless, so you should not pick at them or do not try to pop up them. Because it can cause a serious damage and also an infection may arise. It will be much better if you consult to a doctor and you will get an advice for the pearly penile papules treatment.

    The Pearly Penile Papules Treatment

    In fact, the pearly penile papules are not risky. Also they are not harmful for health. If you really feel self-conscious or embarrassed by it, then the carbon dioxide laser ablation can remove then or can reduce the bumps. It is only a simple procedure, in which you may feel a very little discomfort and may no discomfort in this procedure. It will be better to consult to a doctor first and if you really want to adopt this procedure then you should go to a certified specialist or to a dermatologist who will use the CO2 laser to carefully vaporize the bumps. The dermatologist will numb the area first with topical lidocaine only. Don’t worry; injections are not needed to numb the treatment area. After that, there will be some scabbing and swelling, but there is nothing to worry about, you will be recovered to normal in a week or two. It is the safest way for the pearly penile papules treatment.

    What does not work for Pearly Penile Papules Treatment?

    In fact, most of the men choose Home Remedies for the pearly penile papules treatment. But they do not work as well, because if they are really an original material for this specific disease then it will take a long time for the cure or treatment. The wart removal products like freezing and the pads will not help to decrease or destroy the bumps. Also, please don’t try to pop up the lesion because this can cause a serious disease or infection which may ruin your life. Also men tend to have a topical and oral treatment but this also not work. Topical lotion treatments are not the proven methods for pearly penile papules treatment. So, you should consult to a certified dermatologist or a specialist who have a good base in this field. It will help you to make a good decision for your treatment in a safer and reliable way.
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    Friday, December 14th, 2012
    10:43 pm
    5 Helpful Tips on How to Get Rid of Acne Fast
    While acne breakouts can be most noticeably on the face, other parts of the body are also prone to acne pimples, such as the back, chest, neck, and shoulders. Even though there are numerous lotions and gels to spend your money on, some a lot more efficient than others, some of the home-based solutions are just as effective in your strugle to eliminate acne fast.

    1. Cleanse thoroughly - Wash the face thoroughly, but gently, Use warm water and a clean washcloth to help open the pores, an oil-free or non-acne aggravating cleanser to wash, and rinse off with cold water to help close the pores back up. This stops bacteria clogging them up. A simple cleaning regimen will rid the skin of a day's long worth of dirt, dust, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Washing twice a day is sufficient, once in the mornings, and once more at night. Don't over do it, over washing can leave the skin weakened or agitated.

    2. Want to get rid of acne overnight? Then go jogging today! Working out is good for so many reasons... so if you're not working out regularly already... please, for God's sake start. Working out is great for losing weight, for relieving stress and it even gives you a great feeling afterwards. Try it, you'll see. But when we're talking about getting rid of acne, the stress relieving part in working out is something that you should pay attention to. Because when you stress, you're cells starts producing and releasing stress hormones like cortisol. Which then again prepares you for a "fight-or-flight" situation and this hormone increases your sebum production.

    3. If you want to make your zits less noticeable, try this: run hot water on to your towel, or face towel. Take the steaming hot towel and place it your zits. It'll make the zits smaller, but be careful when you are handling the hot towel. You don't want to burn your face!

    4. When everything else fails... use a laser. If nothing else has really worked for you, you can always go for laser treatment. What the laser does is that it produces heat beneath the skin's surface and damages your sebaceous glands (your sebaceous glands are the ones producing the oil sebum). But it doesn't damage the surface of the skin however. This is very effective but remember that it can be a little painful or uncomfortable and you might be experiencing some swelling for a day or so too.

    5. Acne Creams or Lotions - Try over-the-counter medications that include such active ingredients as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which is found in a lot of the popular acne treatment medications. If finding it difficult to apply a cream to the hard-to-reach areas, which will include the middle of the back, a medication contained in a spray pump might offer easier application.
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    Remember, Hygiene is the key to all your pimple worries. Once you get that clear skin you will be on your way to a brighter and more positive outlook in life. Wouldn't you want to face the world with a smoother clearer skin? More info about acne scars can be found on Wikipedia
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